Preventive medicine is, for us, at the heart of the management of your companion’s health.

We will advise you on the essential vaccinations for your animal and those recommended for its lifestyle and its places of residence (countryside, south of France, trips abroad.).

We adapt our vaccine protocols to the latest recommendations of the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association).

We will also advise you for treatments against external and internal parasites depending on your lifestyle, your outings, your contacts and children.

Our team is trained to do nutritional reviews, in order to achieve balanced daily rations.

We have the necessary equipment to carry out preventive blood tests to ensure the proper care of your companion.

Our services include technical equipment (blood analyzers, radiography, etc.) necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of the most common pathologies.

We also work closely with a network of veterinary specialists for the most complex pathologies.

We are committed to continuously updating our knowledge to ensure that your animals benefit from the advances of veterinary medicine.


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75116 Paris


Monday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 18h30
Tuesday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 18h30
Wednesday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 18h30
Thursday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 18h30
Friday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 18h30
Saturday : 9h – 12h30 / 14h – 16h