Our nutritional charter

« For a longer healthy animal »

Our Phylosophy

The moment of the meal is a privileged moment of the relationship that you have with your companion, we wish to do the utmost to make it throughout his life a moment of pleasure and health.
The members of the clinic propose to be your long-term partners to accompany you and advise you in this process.

Prevention through food

The role of nutrition as a protective factor or risk factor for pathologies is no longer to be of concern. Good nutrition is one of the keys to good health, while poor nutrition can lead to weakened immunity and increased susceptibility to disease.

Among our companions, it is proven that there can be a gap of 2 to 5 years of life expectancy solely related to the way they are fed.

That is why nutrition screening is one of the pillars of our preventive medicine approach.

Food prescription

Nutrition is the dietary intake that corresponds to the needs of the body at a certain time , depending on age, physiological status, physical activity and pathologies.

In chronic diseases, it is essential to adapt the diet of our companions, in order not to harm, of course, but also to guarantee a good balance of the system in its fight against the disease.

We want to be at your side in this process, in order to advise you according to your animal’s eating habits.

Our solutions for you and your animal

It is you (and specially your pet!) who choose the type of food you want to offer: quality industrial food or «homemade food».

In partnership with manufacturers chosen for their professionalism, we offer a wide choice of dry food and premium wet food to meet the taste and nutritional requirements of our small patients, every moment of their lives.

When you prefer to prepare homemade meals for your companion, we are at your side to calculate a personalized ration taking into account his tastes and habits, always with the aim of guaranteeing him a suitable food intake, balanced and quality.

Sometimes, if necessary, we can work with a veterinary doctor specializing in nutrition.


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