Our engagement

Listen and advise

Beyond the care provided to your pet, we are listening to you. Who, better than you, knows your companion? You are our most important partner in monitoring his health.

We are also committed to managing the priorities of all your answers and questions.

Our nurses Bénédicte, Jade and Nadine are also here to answer your questions and advise you.

Psychic wellbeing of your pet

A visit or a hospitalization in a veterinary clinic can be a stress for many of our small animals. We pay constant attention to minimize that stress by the most gentle approach possible during clinical examination and other manipulations such as the use of soothing pheromones, and by the distribution of treats, which raise the morale of many of our patients!

Management of Pain

We are at a time when we have a lot of possibilities to prevent or treat physical suffering, and we use them every day. We respect the principles of a reasoned and protective analgesia.


Prevention is our main concern : keeping your companion healthy for as long as possible is at the heart of our approach.

We therefore offer preventive medicine services adapted to all the ages and lifestyles of your animal: vaccines, treatments against internal and external parasites, nutrition plans, blood tests, etc.

Adapted vaccinations

Standardized vaccine protocols have been designed to try to protect all animals in the same way. Knowledge is evolving, thinking is advancing, and at present, the protocols can be better adapted to the lifestyle and environment of each animal. It is the principle of reasoned vaccination, which also makes it possible to limit the number of vaccine injections while ensuring optimal protection.

Our protocols are therefore based on the latest recommendations of the World of Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), which brings together the best specialists in veterinary medicine.

Network of Expertise

To offer the best quality of care, we have established a network of internal and external competencies: We have colleagues in the clinic who specialize in imaging, surgery, osteopathy.

If necessary, in the interest of your pet, we will refer you to our partner clinics, V24 (Levallois Perret) and Eiffelvet (Paris 15).
We also have a partnership with the VETOADOM company, to which you can turn outside the clinic’s opening hours. Their veterinarians will be able to answer your questions and, if necessary, ask a colleague to help you. A report will be systematically sent to us to ensure continuity of care.

Continuing education

Our ambition is to be able to improve our practices every day.
We are committed to updating our knowledge in real time, to regularly reviewing what we have learned, to participating in continuing education sessions and specialized conferences.


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